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Equitable Settlement Platform: The Better Approach For Real Estate Closings

Equitable Settlement Platform: The Better Approach For Real Estate Closings

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At Equitable Title and Escrow, our dynamic team of professionals is focused on you and the best way for you to do business. We’re also focused on bringing you efficiency and transparency to what is a complicated settlement process.

That’s why we bring a suite of secure digital real estate and mortgage eClosing products that power your transactions wherever you are. Our closing platform has redefined the real estate closing experience by connecting everyone on the transaction in one secure mobile, cloud-based platform — Equitable’s innovative services ensure a safe, efficient, and better closing experience.

Workflow and Time Management

Title and real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and lenders can all connect to collaborate on the closing experience with secure document exchange, messaging, information requests, and real-time automated updates on important closing milestones. All orders are seamlessly automated to eliminate rekeying and double-work, making a less stressful experience.

Privacy and Security

Historically, insecure communication and outdated software could have exposed sensitive data to costly breaches. We chose a software platform that leads the industry in privacy and security which regularly undergoes independent third-party evaluations by the industry’s leading auditors. Equitable also maintains vigorous security certifications, including SOC 2 and ISO/IEC 2700, keeping all client data secure and restricted from unapproved thirty-party access.

Your Trusted Partner 

Our cloud-based title, escrow, and eClosing platform empowers a team of any size to deliver a best-in-class closing experience that meets the industry’s most stringent security requirements. Equitable’s closing software securely connects you, your lenders, and consumers together on one cloud-based platform to deliver an exceptional, safe, and hassle-free experience.

Equitable has forever changed how we process title, escrow, and settlement services — contact us today to experience a better real estate closing and find out how we can exceed your expectations!

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