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Mobile Notaries Make Transactions Easier

Mobile Notaries Make Transactions Easier

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You’re almost there – you’re only a few steps away from securing a home from your client! During closing, the final details of their purchase are solidified and pushed through for approval. At this point, you work with an escrow officer to move everything forward and streamline the details. When important documents are presented, a notary is required to authenticate them; at Equitable, we offer mobile notary services to make transactions that much easier. Here are some advantages of this valuable service!


With the ever-shifting demands of the day, it may create extra hassle to connect to a notary due to location, time constraints and other factors. With our mobile notary services, required signatures can be collected and validated according to your clients’ schedule. Our in-office professionals can easily be dispatched to address any pressing matters. At Equitable we prepare and execute this service during a time-crunch which expedites the entire escrow process. 


Notaries must hold specific licences in order to perform certain actions. It may create additional work to check that the services received are actually what is required. Protect time and resources by working with a team that is fully staffed to fulfill a variety of business needs. Whenever you connect with one of our vetted professionals, you can rest assured that they are  qualified to deliver on all document processing requirements.

Personalized Experience

Our mobile notaries on staff understand that customer service is a top priority during this crucial part of the process. At Equitable, we ensure that both buyers and sellers are confident in the way that time-sensitive closing documents are handled. Not only does this complimentary service make signings more convenient but it also helps clarify any question or concerns. We are dedicated to answering any inquiries and making sure that all parties are up-to-date on requirements during the signature validation process.

At Equitable Title & Escrow, we pride ourselves on delivering complementary and efficient services that protect the closing experience. From marketing solutions.  mobile signing, transaction coordination, E-checks and dynamic team processing — we make sure buyers receive what they need without paying more. Additionally, our all-digital interface helps to prevent payment fraud with transfers and deposits! Also, we offer more than just tech. Our staff works diligently to connect with agents at our local offices. Learn more about the advantages of considering us a go-to for escrow and title processing.




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